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Diligent Financial Planning

Diligent Financial Planning is a fee only advisory firm committed to their client’s financial health and well-being

Diligent Financial Planning overhauled their Wordpress site for a custom, clean site with curated content and elegant animations on scroll.

Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist

Favianna Rodriguez hired CoLab to create an art repository for the hundreds of artworks she has created over the years. Her art and praxis address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, sexual freedom and ecology. We worked closely with Favianna to create a minimal, responsive site that allows users to explore her in-depth work across multiple disciplines and various forms of media.


MHI is a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a focus on making mental health accessible to marginalized persons and communities.

In 2016, I worked with MHI on a simple, blog-style website that was revamped in 2018. The site was transformed to a crisp, black-and-white interface that uses illustrations and infographics to condense MHI’s mission and purpose. The site was coded to be as accessible as possible for users with visual and motor disabilities.

Marlon Rodriguess

Marlon directs ad and feature films. He's one of the funniest persons I know, and makes amazing chai!

Marlon needed to ditch his older website in favour of an adaptive one that would work across desktop/tablet/mobile. It's a simple, one page director showreel, with HTML5 videos that load fast and are very crisp - great bandwidth/quality ratio. Simple, linear and scale animations add dynamism to the site. This one happened over steaming cups of green and light black tea!

Chhoti Productions

Nandita Das, veteran actress and social worker, set up a production company with Subodh Maskara.

The company's aim is to bring quality performances via the medium of theatre and film to a large audience. Eisha Maskara from Design Concentrate created the graphics in Photoshop, which we converted into a responsive website, with fairly complex breakpoints to achieve the same.

The fullscreen background images were converted to grayscale, coupled with bold text and headings in deep orange to create an impact. A pert CMS was built to handle the sections for press and individual productions.

Note: The website has been rebranded since.