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Better schools and education for all children in Karnataka

Like so many projects that have code stapled onto them, the KLP site had thousands of lines of code that appeared disjointed on close inspection. I created a modular CSS framework with reusable code, and managed to reduce the number of lines of code to less than a fourth of the original. In the process, one can view the site as a collection of components that can be gracefully extended and themed as needed.

My Courier

How Malaysia's first live courier bidding website saw the light of day.

With real-time bidding from major courier service providers in Malaysia, users of get the benefits of picking the best quotations to send packages domestically and internationally. With a web app, as well as apps on the Android and iOS stores, we built a responsive, professional app for users and courier service providers.

Gallery Maskara Redesign

At Gallery Maskara, tucked away in a Colaba bylane, the ceiling is miles high - beautiful for tall, massive installations...

Gallery Maskara's old site in Flash was looking dated. Besides, they had issues with a powerful, but inflexible CMS.

We created very clean, minimal layouts, courtesy Design Concentrate, and built a fluid site with a CMS in Django/Python. A custom image zooming tool was also built to load and view high-resolution images responsively in the browser. The connections between artists, events, exhibitions were complex and handled efficiently, with a very in-depth Content Management System.

India Someday

Boutique travel company with soul, that caters to an international audience, many of whom are visiting the country for the first time

India Someday customizes tours for visitors to India the same way you’d prepare a meal for old friends – with warmth, passion and diligence. Co-founders Abbas and Harsh wanted a site that was informal yet classy, friendly, minimal and easily accessible by all, no matter the user’s device…

It was difficult to fit the existing logo within the rest of the user interface, but we achieved it over some iterations. The site has simple, but effective CSS3 animations, plenty of accordions for text, and long forms that are easy to breeze through. It manages to evoke the riot of colors associated with an Indian summer, without going over the top.
And of course, India Someday is responsive across all devices and screens.

Note: The website has been rebranded since.

TrueNorth Attendance App

Jogesh Motwani, Academic Head, True North Learning Systems, couldn’t handle those darned Excel sheets any more for attendance.

When True North decided to open a second branch for SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT training courses, they asked us to build a responsive HTML5 web app for in-house use that was optimised for tablets and touch devices. The app had various levels of permission for admin, staff, tutors, students and parents, for attendance to be marked and viewed on smartphones, tablets or desktops.

Each class has a tablet running Android that tutors and staff use to create lengthy profiles, mark and monitor attendance.

Built atop jQuery Mobile, the app is very touch friendly and intuitive, and uses responsive widgets and HTML5 native form fields for easy input of data.

  • Karen M: Graphic Design / HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Sanjay B: Database and CMS in Python / Javascript
  • Kabir Kukreti: Database and CMS in Python

Sonia Faleiro

This entire project happened over email and Skype since the author was constantly shuttling between villages and cities across continents.

Sonia wanted to redo her website and was sure she wanted a classic look, white background, pure black type and one strong pop of colour across the site. Typography and trimming the content were very, very important.

After a few iterations, we succeeded in restraining her content, completely revamping the navigation and allowing the user interface to breathe. A lush maroon provides the pop of colour in a sticky menu at the top. The responsive site stretches and squishes across mouse and touch devices.