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Better schools and education for all children in Karnataka

Like so many projects that have code stapled onto them, the KLP site had thousands of lines of code that appeared disjointed on close inspection. I created a modular CSS framework with reusable code, and managed to reduce the number of lines of code to less than a fourth of the original. In the process, one can view the site as a collection of components that can be gracefully extended and themed as needed.



Understanding the nuances of online video content collaboration

An online marketplace for video professionals, Voiro provides a space for creative content collaboration, allowing users to connect, network, create portfolios and find jobs in the field.
I work with the Bangalore based team on design, UI, UX and its integration with a robust Python/Django backend.
The Voiro team has been incredible to work with, and are a tonne of fun! The focus has been on creating a product that's intuitive and elegant, with a seamless user experience.