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Space Archive

A family-run brokerage firm, Space Archive curates high-end properties and villas in Goa and the Himalayas.

On a quick trip to Goa for a friend's wedding, I bumped into Joshayet Kapur, who hired me to create a website for high-end properties in Goa and the Himalayas. Joshayet was involved throughout the creative process for a site this is minimalist, iconic and premium. We settled on a one-page website in white with tones of salmon pink and line drawings that resemble architectural structures. I created an admin interface using Couch CMS, so Joshayet has full control over the content and images of his site.

Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist

Favianna Rodriguez hired CoLab to create an art repository for the hundreds of artworks she has created over the years. Her art and praxis address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, sexual freedom and ecology. We worked closely with Favianna to create a minimal, responsive site that allows users to explore her in-depth work across multiple disciplines and various forms of media.


Understanding the nuances of online video content collaboration

An online marketplace for video professionals, Voiro provides a space for creative content collaboration, allowing users to connect, network, create portfolios and find jobs in the field.
I work with the Bangalore based team on design, UI, UX and its integration with a robust Python/Django backend.
The Voiro team has been incredible to work with, and are a tonne of fun! The focus has been on creating a product that's intuitive and elegant, with a seamless user experience.

My Courier

How Malaysia's first live courier bidding website saw the light of day.

With real-time bidding from major courier service providers in Malaysia, users of get the benefits of picking the best quotations to send packages domestically and internationally. With a web app, as well as apps on the Android and iOS stores, we built a responsive, professional app for users and courier service providers.