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I love the web.

It is the singular global repository of our knowledge, thoughts and dreams - individual and shared.

I'm a freelance front-end designer with eight years of experience in the field. I've written for Smashing Magazine and authored a course for Pluralsight.

Is this an individual portofolio site or a collaborated one?

I'm definitely leaning towards the latter.


I work with dedicated freelancers, and friends who run their own companies. I've know most of them for years, and some for over a decade. Needless to say, we get along really well. We have an open office culture and work out of multiple spaces. Some of us are geographically located in the same area and others are further away. With amazing tools for collaborative designing and coding, distance is never a hurdle for software projects, and can, in fact, encourage better communication, scheduling and planning.

We prefer to take on fewer projects and focusing on doing them well, rather than churning out sites mindlessly for profit. Striving for perfection is better than settling for mediocrity.

We like to get to know our clients better and understand how they perceive the world. Clear communication is key to delivering a fantastic product.

Manipulating the machine

Back-end Dev: Our programmers are Linux geeks, conversant with Python, Ruby and Node, know PHP, and are great with Javascript as well. Every CMS we build is customised for each client's peculiar set of requirements, so they don't land up with the kitchen sink.

Front-end Code: We use HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to create clean and beautiful layouts and to occasionally skip the Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch layer and design in the browser. For single page applications, we take a call depending on the scope and requirements, and have used React, Backbone, Angular and custom solutions in the past. Keeping track of current standards is a necessity and not a luxury anymore.

Graphic Design: Our graphic designers handle print, artwork, illustrations, logos and think responsive while designing.

Services: We occasionally take on projects for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Solutions and Wordpress Blog Development. We liase with friends and co-workers who do this as part of their core business.

What it boils down to

Uploading content and images is easy and intuitive for our users. Our collaborators have worked with everything from gigantic mapping databases, video archives, open source APIs for bus routes in Mumbai, showreels and portfolio sites, business websites, art galleries and web apps.

Rest assured. You're in safe hands.

Get in touch for

Portfolios: We love collaborating with artists, filmmakers, photographers and the like.

Responsive, Adaptive Websites: that reflow with your device.

Video: We know HTML5 video inside-out and will ensure you get the highest quality video in mutliple codecs.

HTML5 Apps: Single page web apps that are compiled to native apps

Ridiculously cool personal projects

HTML5 websites with animations using CSS3/SVG/Canvas

I'd love for you to get in touch if you have any queries, want to collaborate or share mind space.

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Karen Menezes

Obsessed with standards for
front end development, CSS magic and typography.

Loves responsive design, UX and
pushing CSS to the extreme.