crisp code clean design progressive web standards

The web is a living, dynamic thing.

Evolve or stagnate.

Keep updated with living web standards and new technologies.

Believe that design, interaction, content and code are interdependent.

Leave behind meaningful digital footprints.

Each digital footprint is a subset of our collated human history.

Remember, always, that the internet is a beautiful parallel universe.

Design & Code ethics

Our ethics are more geek than chic

Generally Speaking

We're passionate about the web and keep us ourselves updated. Complacency = stagnation.

We're not the right fit if you want a website up in three days on a shoe string budget.

Each project is personal and centres around someone's story, brand and vision.

Clean, readable code is reusable and maintainable.

Webpages must load fast.

The web is open. Propriety web software like Flash is not.

An MVC (model-view-controller) framework separates presentation and content.

We're open source in philosophy and charge for our skills and services only.

We believe websites should be accessible to the differently abled, including those who use screen readers and keyboards to navigate the web.

We share our code with the community, including plugins and code snippets.

Outdated browsers compromise a user's security and require awful hacks to render your website right. We don't support old IE upfront.


Design must be tailored to content and not vice versa.

Design is customised to brand, audience, client, mood, vibe and feel.

Design can evoke an emotional response that ranges from the extremely subtle to OTT (over the top).

Great UI accounts for user generated content, which can wreck havoc on ill-planned design.

Great UI implies a stellar user experience, that is intuitive and seamless.

Animations should enhance, and not distract (unless that is the objective).

Typography is the foundation of beautiful web pages.

Responsive layouts should be an assumption, not an afterthought.

Webpages should look great across devices, be they tablets, desktops or smartphones.

The merging of form and function should never hurt the eye or hamper user interaction.

When form and function are almost indistinguishable, great design is born.

front end

We use HTML5, CSS3 and and Javascript transpilers like Babel in our work. So we have to adhere to the principles of progressive enhancement.

The above implies that modern browsers get the benefits of the new and shiny, and older browsers still get all the functionality. It's a win-win situation.

We liberally use HTML 5 stable tags and options like video, audio, new input types, placeholders, data attributes, local storage and the history API.

Our HTML, CSS and JS files are commented, indented, highly maintainable and readable by humans.

We highly recommend creating a styleguide for every project we work on.

We use a reset to nullify cross-browser discrepencies.

We're comfortable with vanilla CSS, as well as preprocessors like Sass, Less and Stylus.

Our websites are sprinkled with an ample amount of CSS3 properties, including media queries, animations, web fonts and CSS3 selectors to leverage the real power of CSS.

We use Backbone, Angular and React to build single page applications, and jQuery for DOM manipulation.

backend, cms & maintenance

We use Python with Django, Node.js and PHP for our server-side programming, to build highly customised Content Management Systems.

We're comfortable with PHP, but it's not our language of choice for moderate to large projects. For smaller projects, a PHP-based CMS like Couch is ideal.

Between rich text editors like tinyMCE and plain-text markup editors, we prefer the latter, because it generates cleaner code.

We use version control to ensure that your site's code is bulletproof during development.

We manage the hosting ourselves, on our dedicated servers on Hetzner, or VPS solutions on Digital Ocean or Linode, for everything from tiny sites to mammoth databases.

We run scripts to create regular backups of your website on a mirror server, so your content is safe and sound while you sleep at night (or not).

In the highly unlikely event that the server crashes, we're intimated via email and will have the site back up in no time.