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Portfolio for worker-owned digital agency

Based in Ithaca, New York, Colab is probably the most empathetic, socially motivated digital agency I know. I've been freelancing remotely with them since 2013, working on websites and HTML5 apps.
When they asked me to work on the front-end of their website, I was more than pleased to. The site has immersive, fullscreen backgrounds, lucid, visual content, and subtle, yet meaningful animations, including smooth image pixelations on scroll.

Chhoti Productions

Nandita Das, veteran actress and social worker, set up a production company with Subodh Maskara.

The company's aim is to bring quality performances via the medium of theatre and film to a large audience. Eisha Maskara from Design Concentrate created the graphics in Photoshop, which we converted into a responsive website, with fairly complex breakpoints to achieve the same.

The fullscreen background images were converted to grayscale, coupled with bold text and headings in deep orange to create an impact. A pert CMS was built to handle the sections for press and individual productions.

Note: The website has been rebranded since.