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Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and social justice activist

Favianna Rodriguez hired CoLab to create an art repository for the hundreds of artworks she has created over the years. Her art and praxis address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, sexual freedom and ecology. We worked closely with Favianna to create a minimal, responsive site that allows users to explore her in-depth work across multiple disciplines and various forms of media.


Portfolio for worker-owned digital agency

Based in Ithaca, New York, Colab is probably the most empathetic, socially motivated digital agency I know. I've been freelancing remotely with them since 2013, working on websites and HTML5 apps.
When they asked me to work on the front-end of their website, I was more than pleased to. The site has immersive, fullscreen backgrounds, lucid, visual content, and subtle, yet meaningful animations, including smooth image pixelations on scroll.

Marlon Rodriguess

Marlon directs ad and feature films. He's one of the funniest persons I know, and makes amazing chai!

Marlon needed to ditch his older website in favour of an adaptive one that would work across desktop/tablet/mobile. It's a simple, one page director showreel, with HTML5 videos that load fast and are very crisp - great bandwidth/quality ratio. Simple, linear and scale animations add dynamism to the site. This one happened over steaming cups of green and light black tea!

Our Platform Designfolio

It was time for Amisha Khemani Jaggi, typographic designer and founder of Our Platform, to reconstruct her Flash based online portfolio.

This project was done for Design Concentrate, and the designs came via Our Platform. The old Flash website was overhauled and a clean layout in white, pear green and brown has replaced it. The client requested a carousel at the top, where each image represents a portfolio work.

The PSD templates provided were converted to a responsive website, and the responsive breakpoints added as per our discretion. We managed to maintain the visual integrity of the graphic designer’s vision, despite the fluid nature of a responsive website.

Shernavaz's Artfolio

Shernavaz sketches and paints charcoals and oils, drawing largely from nature, topography and the human body.

We sat a few times, Shernavaz (she is luminescent), her daughter Zasha (she co-runs Clark House) and envisioned something clean, intelligent and beautiful.

The layout is responsive using pure CSS and media queries. It resizes seamlessly across devices. Fluid layouts are harder to achieve, but the end result is always worth it. We provided swatches on the bottom left for users to choose.

Macgregor Techknowlogy crafted a custom CMS, to easily upload and update images and content.