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Understanding the nuances of online video content collaboration

An online marketplace for video professionals, Voiro provides a space for creative content collaboration, allowing users to connect, network, create portfolios and find jobs in the field.
I work with the Bangalore based team on design, UI, UX and its integration with a robust Python/Django backend.
The Voiro team has been incredible to work with, and are a tonne of fun! The focus has been on creating a product that's intuitive and elegant, with a seamless user experience.

My Courier

How Malaysia's first live courier bidding website saw the light of day.

With real-time bidding from major courier service providers in Malaysia, users of get the benefits of picking the best quotations to send packages domestically and internationally. With a web app, as well as apps on the Android and iOS stores, we built a responsive, professional app for users and courier service providers. Revised

The world's most popular EDM portal needed an overhaul, from its busy avatar to something sleek and truly responsive revised and ramped up its web app, moving to a more minimal, yet stunning design, in a single page app that streams tonnes of free electronic music, has blogs, artist interviews, playlists and charts.
I worked with The EDM Network and Colab on this project, translating very custom designs into a responsive UI, with re-usable UI modules and structure provided to the CSS via the preprocessor Sass.

Note: The website has been rebranded since.

TrueNorth Attendance App

Jogesh Motwani, Academic Head, True North Learning Systems, couldn’t handle those darned Excel sheets any more for attendance.

When True North decided to open a second branch for SAT, ACT, GRE and GMAT training courses, they asked us to build a responsive HTML5 web app for in-house use that was optimised for tablets and touch devices. The app had various levels of permission for admin, staff, tutors, students and parents, for attendance to be marked and viewed on smartphones, tablets or desktops.

Each class has a tablet running Android that tutors and staff use to create lengthy profiles, mark and monitor attendance.

Built atop jQuery Mobile, the app is very touch friendly and intuitive, and uses responsive widgets and HTML5 native form fields for easy input of data.

  • Karen M: Graphic Design / HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Sanjay B: Database and CMS in Python / Javascript
  • Kabir Kukreti: Database and CMS in Python